I bought this one in Heyburn, Idaho, three miles from my mother, when I sold the house in Boise I bought from my son.

It was beautiful just as it was - outside - with a well maintained yard, ancient trees, amazing flowers, but the inside gave me room to work for half a year. Recently, though I don't have pics, we (I hired a guy) tore out the floor in the basement bathroom, added a VERY $pecial toilet (doesn't require venting or new plumbing - And we've added a closet to each of the downstairs bedrooms.

That's my granddaughter, Lorisa, on the porch and in the yard. You can't tell from the front how neat the house is, but the yard, oh me, oh my!

Here are a couple of pictures the appraiser took including a shot of the busy street in front of the house, and then several I took of the yard -

Here are pictures the appraiser took of the inside of the house - he got the kitchen, the living room, and what is now the upstairs guest room-

And some pictures of the house before the remodel and the current state of the inside of the house. The first is my bedroom, which was pink and is now a flurry of crimson. /

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