Bought it from my son "as is."

Lots of weeds, hadn't been watered in years. Huge junipers and other bushes - I didn't like them, but I liked the house. My daughter Jenn lived there for a while, then my granddaughter, Lorisa, and then my sister, Mary Dawn. We all thought about the possibilites. Jenn moved out, Mary Dawn moved in, Lorisa stayed, and then I came after the work had started. Here are shots of the yard and the house and especially, the kitchen, after Jenn and Lorisa painted it and before Mary Dawn put down the hardwood floor and I re-painted it in greens to go with the retro stove and fridge - I wish I had a pic of the old gold sculptured carpet!

The heat poured into the back of the house because there was no porch. What looked like grass was really crab grass, cheat grass and "goats head," or "puncture weed." Nasty stuff!

And the next set is what it ended up as - put it on the market and it sold the first day to the first folks who looked at it /

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