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Here I am in July of 2004 with my son Mike 

and my daughters Bobbi and Jenny -

Heywood's mother says "Age will cure what religion won't touch," so I wait

... impatient ... aging

I remember when I thought I'd NEVER be 16!

Finally 16 came, I Blinked! ~

and all those years were



Down the drain


What a trip it's been ~ 
long days, short years
Most days, I'm still 16 inside my head, but oh, the mileage! 

I've found some things during the trip that make me happy -
Driving in mountains, rafting on and swimming in rivers, and
hiking into hotsprings
Fixing up houses has been a trend.

I hung around and worked on a big

110 year OLD house in Kansas City, Missouri

which kept me happy for quite a while
Then summer of 2006 I bought a younger house from my son

and with the help of my sister Mary Dawn,

her son Shaman, my granddaughter Lorisa, and several

other friends, we fixed it up and sold it -

Check out the befores and afters FoxBrush
and made enough to buy another place in the fall of 2006,

where I am as happy as I've ever been 18thStreet

Since May of 2007, I've been painting at my mother's studio in Burley, stretching canvases, building inventory and building frames.

My starting page with links to my gallery

Click here for pics of my pets,

including Dudley and Kita

I enjoy talking to folks, on the net and in "the REAL world."
Politically, I lean left and
I'm interested in other folks and what they think - unless they just want to persuade me I'm wrong

I try to start my day with coffee and this request:

Maker of All Things -
Take my Will and my Life,
Guide me in my Recovery,
Show me how to live.
Show me what I need to do today.
Give me the power to do it.
Guide, Guard, Bless and Protect my Peeps
My children and their families
My brothers and sisters and their families
My friends, my sponsees, my co-workers and their families
And thank you for the day -

And At the end of the day as I fall into bed,
I try to remember to say "Thanks"
... It's a simple process,
but it's been working for me for many years,
and at center I find myself deeply sweetly contented

At the end of the day
I frequently connect with friends and family

Come Meet My Family

Prepare to be dazzled!

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