Mount Harrison: Southern Idaho

Christmas when I was twenty-five, visiting

Home with three children and a second husband,

I asked Mama if Mount Harrison had

Always been there.

I remember every kind of weed, bug, bird

And animal along the canals and the Snake River,

So if that mountain had been there

I would have seen it there, wouldn't I?

I suppose Mount Harrison always Was

Hunched large on the horizon. But where?

Did I run along the banks of the Snake all the

Summers I was nine, ten, eleven, never looking up?

Now as I drive my grandchildren

Over the river and through the desert

I always point it out. "Look!" I cry,

"It's a sleeping Giant! Isn't He beautiful?"

Maybe if I had seen Him, curled `round the

Horizon, the child I was would have felt

Safe in that valley - not restless, edgy,

Fearing to turn my back on the wind.

....... ..... Heywood Williams -- December, 1989



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