Our Family

Our families are generally handsome and interesting, and my mother is the head of the family. At 81 March 1st, 2001, she lives in a building that has become an art gallery where she gives art lessons to an appreciative crowd

I took this picture of Mama on the beach at Kauai summer of 98.

She and I spent 7 wonderful days in Oahu, and 3 in Kauai. My favorite memory of the trip, besides visiting my son Mike, and my brother Buddy and his family, was our helicopter flight over Kauai.

This year, in late July, Mama and I and my granddaughter Lorisa traveled to California to spend time with my younger brother Clint and his family, and then on to Hawaii to visit with my older brother Buddy and his family, and to meet my son Mike's wife Lorena and their new baby Joshua.

It was a great trip, too.

My stepfather, Dick Arbogast, died suddenly November 24th of 97.

Here is my favorite picture of Mama and Dick, from a few years ago.

I'm one of my mother's biggest fans, but I'm trying to lose weight

Here's Harry and his parents (about 54 years ago)

Most of his little boy pictures, his mouth is open in thought (I think)

And here is Harry as a young man with friends and first wife

(He's bearded, she's sitting on the ground to the side of the VW)

Here's Harry more recently, still bearded, with his cousins Judy, Ken, Janet, and Bob

Harry's an only child with no children (except mine) to speak of. But his cousins and he are close as most siblings.

Eventually, I hope to have my four sisters and two brothers and their families here, but in the meantime I have only a few . . .

Here's a fuzzy photo of me with my handsome brothers and sisters. And when we get together, which isn't often, I'm always the cute one in the middle

From left to right,

Joann, Marlene, Buddy, Me (Heywood), Clint, Mary Dawn, and Eddie

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(as soon as I get the pictures developed of Amber's two babies) their children's children