Harry was going to just replace a window in the main bathroom that had rotted around the sides, but when he cut the window out, he found the ceiling, the roof, the floor were rotted, so the small project grew and grew!

Here's Harry outside the newly framed in wall -

Plaster and sheetrock up - floors, studs, framing in but no plumbing or vanities yet -

New garden window

Floor happens – I didn’t have enough tiles left over from the upstairs bath, so I improvised, cutting out four same shape tiles from a stack of marble tiles that had been hidden under the stairs for 10 years -

Here's a link to my remodel page that shows work on the rest of the house, http://heywoodlorraine.com/remodel.htm


And then the bathroom was painted, the vanity was in and plumbed – The garden window had plants in it and the sky light was finished -

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