The remodel page got so picture heavy, I had to make a page just for the Master Bath. The pics are not entirely in order, but

Here's my favorite "Before" picture: The Future Master Bath when I found it

Plaster down and some sheetrock up - plumbing in but no fixtures or lights)

Now there were new windows, more sheetrock up, more mud to even out the irregular sheetrock, four can-lights in).

The wall with the windows painted and the windows framed in.

Step up - before tile -

Step up again - This was before I learned how to curve a tile cut -

But then I learned (and chipped out the jagged tiles) -

Hard to believe there's so much happening under the walls!

But we just kept on covering it up!

A further stage of the shower -

Here's the shower stall with the rubber liner covered with concrete and almost ready for the tile - Then I put tile in the bottom of it -

Then I put tile up the walls following my heart instead of a straight line -

And the shower pre-grout from further away

The shower - tiled, grouted and wall papered -

Harry and Darren hard at it -

This picture shows the "baseboard" I made by cutting a point off the tiles - I used the 'points' later to make a design around the medicine cabinets -

Darren Measures up!

And Harry Measures up!

Sometimes it was just overwhelming!

An early stage of the Jacuzzi -

And we kept on! Here's the jacuzzi pre-grout -

At the edge of the Jacuzzi - the reason we need a liftout surround -

Here's the jacuzzi grouted and the surround begun -

The floor - tiled, grouted, sealed, and mopped -

Before Harry finished the vanities.

The medicine cabinets and top of the vanities pre-grout -

Now they're grouted -

Another view -

And now with sinks!-

And now with doors!-

Here are the drawers Harry built from scratch on his side of the vanity

And the drawers on my side -

Shower wingwalls with oak panels installed -

Here's what the shower looks like on the inside -

Now the towel heaters are plugged in and the sinks are hooked up and we installed the last piece of the tub surround, finished up the grout on the hose bench - and trimmed up the door.

It is truly completed!

Here is the toilet corner when it was almost finished -

Remember the corner where I showed you how I made the baseboard?

This is that corner -

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