Maybe I'll use this ol' (1983) woodsy pic of me

on the jacket of my next book of woodsy ol' poems

Like some of these . . .


One of my favorite poems of the last few years is

My Drug of Choice is the Moon


A true story about a real dog

Moon Dog


As a child I really never saw

Mount Harrison


Winter affects us in different ways

Good Job, God


I was living in the mountains outside Boise, when one night

Jupiter Was So Loud, He Woke Me Up


Take my Advice -- I'm not using it

Does it matter if you have something to say if no one wants to hear you?

Crow Woman


Value yourself in age, wisdom, and continuing Vitality

The Delicacy


A friend told me this story as we talked about the idea of "the inner child"



And this poem describes a healing meditation

The Wizard Rescues The Enchanted Child


Writing helped me while I was trying to understand my son's death

At the Casket of My Son


And who can understand the power of Nature?

Ten years after the eruption, I visited

Mount Saint Helen's


My granddaughter keeps things simple

Karin's Dream Shirts


This one wrote itself when I thought I'd finally learned

Drying Off Again


Why I didn't help with the PNWCNA XXI -

Why I Resign: The Feeder


I dreamt I found the Moon in the garbage

Wrapped in Newspaper, The Moon


This story is loosely based on a childhood memory

Father's Day Picnic, 1952


an essay that tries to sum up my life: Inner Peace

and my novel about a little girl who gets therapy when she's 11 instead of 40.


(careful ... it's a big file)

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